Comments Levels

Comments Levels

How do you increase your comments level?

Your level is shown in your comments section, as well as on custom pages like John Watson for high level users and authors.

  • LEVEL 1: 1-5 Comments
  • LEVEL 2: 6-9 Comments
  • LEVEL 3: 10-24 Comments
  • LEVEL 4: 25-49 Comments
  • LEVEL 5: 50-74 Comments
  • LEVEL 6: 75-99 Comments
  • LEVEL 7: 100-124 Comments
  • LEVEL 8: 125-149 Comments
  • LEVEL 9: 150-199 Comments
  • LEVEL 10: 200+ Comments

Bonuses for writing comments

Just by commenting, you have a chance to win a $25 gift card. Best comments are chosen randomly on a weekly basis for a chance to win. Just make great comments and you can win!.

Bonuses for reaching Level 10

Users who reach Level 10 by leaving over 200 comments on the site will receive an automatic $25 gift card for this outstanding achievement. You will also get your very own special user page like John Watson.

(Only valid comments count for gift cards. Spam, copy and paste comments, and comments like “ok”, etc, do not count toward receiving a gift card.)

Secret Coins Scavenger Hunt

Hidden throughout the site there are secret coins. You may find one in the middle of a comment article, nested in the sidebar somewhere, or even in between some posts somewhere. They could be anywhere, you never know where one is!

They appear randomly and are rare. You really have to look to find one. If you find one, you can earn between 1,000 and 25,000 points by clicking on the coin. You have to be logged in to earn the points. When you click, it will save the extra points in your profile.

Really rare is an automatic free $25 gift card. If you found one, and you click it, you will automatically win a free gift card.


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